Level Guide

Empowering Early Readers

At Dutch Hill Press, our goal is to empower early readers to love reading. This starts with meeting your child at their current reading level, and building upon that foundation. Our books are specifically designed to match your child’s reading level, so they are not too easy or too difficult to read.

Our leveled readers will help your child:

  • Improve reading skills: Our levels are designed to gradually increase in difficulty as your child progresses through the levels. This helps them to improve their reading skills and build a strong foundation for more advanced reading.

  • Build vocabulary: Our leveled readers use level-appropriate vocabulary, incorporate sight words, and help your child to build their vocabulary and expand their knowledge of language.

  • Increase Comprehension: Our readers come with comprehension questions and other activities that help children to better understand the text. This provides valuable feedback to both the child and the parent.

We hope that your child loves reading and is both encouraged and empowered by our leveled readers.

Dutch Hill Press Levels

Level IconDescription
Ready to Read. For children who know the alphabet and are just beginning to understand how print works. Books have big type, easy words, and sentences follow a pattern. Text and concepts are highly supported by pictures.
Emergent Reader. For children who are eager to begin reading. Stories have short, predictable sentences supported by pictures. Almost all vocabulary is familiar to children and is strongly sight-word based.
Beginning Reader. For children who are learning how to sound out new words. Books contain a greater range of high-frequency words.
Early Reader. For new readers who recognize familiar words and can sound out new words with help. Most words have easy, predictable spelling patterns.
Developing Reader. For children who are learning to read on their own. Stories are simple texts with sequential information. Books contain longer stretches of dialogue and longer sentences. Books contain words with easy, predictable spelling patterns.
Advanced Beginner. For newly independent readers who read simple sentences with confidence. Books contain some complex spelling patterns and letter-sound relationships. Stories have longer sentences that can carry over to two or three lines of text.